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Unlock your beauty!

After all, if your eyes are the window to your soul, then why not make them look amazing at all times!


About Us

For anyone that has ever wanted to feel pampered and special - CJ's Beauty Lounge is that place. From a young age I always looked up to and admired strong confident woman in my life like my Mother and Grandmother. What gave them that confidence, was the strength to believe they were always putting their best selves forward in all that they did in life. The first step towards that confidence, is feeling great about yourself on the inside! But unless you let that inner light shine bright, your confidence will grow dim.


This is where my passion came from - the wanting to help woman to ignite and shine bright from their eyes outward! Hence I completed my studies in beauty and created CJ's Beauty Lounge based in Gatton, Lockyer Valley Qld. Giving woman a chance to have beautiful brows and luscious lashes and ultimately giving them the added confidence to take on life!


Why not let me help you unlock your confidence today! 




Specialising In



Brow Henna

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